Monday, September 12, 2011

Bisbee: Queen of Historic Arizona Towns!

Has any Arizona city preserved it's history and original architecture better than Bisbee? I can't think of one! There are no supermarkets, contemporary shopping-malls, or fast-food chains at all in Old Bisbee...Is every building and house in Old Bisbee a historic building? Probably yes--it is like traveling back in time. Speaking of time travel, here are three vintage views:
Main Street, aka Tombstone Canyon

Used to be if you shopped at a store in the Bisbee area, it was probably a company store. The mining company, Phelps Dodge, had a grocery store and a department store, among others. In the 1980s, we shopped at a Phelps Dodge grocery store that was still open in Warren (a Bisbee satellite-neighborhood). It's closed now, but the art-deco building remains, and is now a Boys and Girls Club. You can see it here. The next photo is the Phelps Dodge department store downtown, now home to a dozen independent shops and the local coffee-house:

Click here for a current view.

But my favorite is the next postcard of Brewery Gulch, which to my mind somehow captures the spirit of Bisbee itself, with it's crooked streets and off-kilter sensibilities:
Click here for a current view.