Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Downtown Phoenix at night

Looking south along Central Ave. from a vantage point north of Van Buren St. In the background, we see the Professional Building (which is still there today) on the southeast corner of Monroe and Central with a giant neon sign for Valley National Bank perched on top.
Southern view along 1st Ave. Intersection of Van Buren St. is in the mid-foreground. The Luhrs Tower is visible in the distance, on the southeast corner of Jefferson and 1st Ave.
Looking south on Central Ave. from the intersection of Van Buren St. Hotel San Carlos is the second building down, on the right side of the street.
Quite a few similarities exist in these postcards. They are all looking south. Van Buren St. intersects each one. All have the venerable Security Building in view. The Security Building (SW corner of Central and Van Buren) is still in use and is one of a handful of historic buildings to escape the wrecking-ball in downtown Phoenix.