Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Angel Unchained

Due to my penchant for trashy old late-nite movies, I recently stumbled on a film called "Angel Unchained" from 1970, starring Don Stroud and Tyne Daly. Released by American International, it was a typical '60s B-movie biker-film meant for drive-ins. That's all well and good. The difference here, to my overwhelming joy, was that Angel Unchained was filmed entirely on location, from what I can tell, in the Phoenix area in the late 1960s (c.'68-'69). The opening scene is a biker gang-fight at Legend City Amusement Park!

Other locations include: 

  • Apache Junction
  • The Goldfield area northeast of Apache Junction in the foothills west of the Superstition Mountains.
  • The Apache Trail (Hwy 88) near Canyon Lake.
  • The Granite Reef Recreation Area at the north end of Power Rd. on the Salt River.

Superstition Mountains
Don Stroud and Tyne Daly go skinny-dipping in the Salt River with Red Mountain in the background, and the backdrop for the hippy farm is the Superstition Mountains. There's a scene where Stroud parks his cycle at the Superstition Ho, and in the background you can see the A.J. Bayless that used to be where the Apache Trail meets old Route 60. There are some unknown interiors of local bars, poolhalls, and restaurants to gaze at, as well. I thought the script was well-written, the dialogue funny, and even when the acting was bad it still managed to be charming. It's a little gem of a B-movie, actually. This bit of dialogue is stuck in my head for some reason...

Hippy Leader: "You gonna stay?"

Angel (Stroud): "Stay? What does "stay" mean?"

So if you are into trashy Biker-flicks, or just into seeing some retro Arizona sights, this is a ride you won't want to miss!
Legend City